UNAIDS Tenders

FOOD ITEMS: Dried Tuna, Spaghetti Pasta and Rice


The purpose of this ITB is to procure cans of packed Dried Tuna fish, Spaghetti Pasta and Basmati or Basmati-type Rice. 

This specification is issued so that UNAIDS may obtain financial offers based on specifications detailed below.

Bidders can submit their offers only for the lots they wish, UNAIDS may select different supplier for each lot, however each lot should be offered in full.

Only bidders commercially registered in Eritrea are eligible for bidding.

RFP Reference: ITB-2012-22

Closing Date: Wed, 5 December 2012

Award Information: Awarded to three different suppliers for a total of ERN 272,000

Award Detail:

Awarded to

1. Girmay Abraham Birhane (Senay Super market) for Pasta spaghetti at ERN 104,500,

2. Ethiopia Gebregergish for Dried Tuna Fish ERN at ERN 87,500 and

3. Hassen Abdelkadir for Basmati Rice at ERN 80,000


Queries by hand or postal mail:
• UNAIDS, UN Compound in a sealed envelope
• Envelope Marked as: ITB-2012-22 Questions

Queries by email:
• Email for submissions of all queries: Bids@unaids.org 
• Subject: ITB-2012-22 Questions 


Invitation to Bid

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