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Daily Media Monitoring and Distribution Services


The purpose of this RFP is to establish an exclusive contract valid for two years with possible extension of one year subject to performance and funding availability with the successful bidder as the contractor to perform the following tasks:

  1. To monitor media sources globally in official languages of UNAIDS (English and French are mandatory, capacity to monitor global Spanish and Russian media an advantage). Examples of media sources can be found in Annex 5.
  2. To screen, select and edit global media reports in order to produce an early morning round-up of the top news headlines on AIDS that are relevant to UNAIDS. Send the early morning round-up to UNAIDS Communications staff by 10.00am CET daily.
  3. To screen and edit global media reports, taking into account sensitivity and appropriateness of articles in order to produce a comprehensive selection of the top news headlines on HIV that are relevant to UNAIDS. And produce and distribute results electronically via a daily summary report, “Today’s News”, to all UNAIDS external stakeholders around the world on every working day of UNAIDS HQ after clearance and sign-off by UNAIDS Communications.
  4. To undertake special monitoring of events at the request of UNAIDS communications – this could include producing the news report on a holiday or on weekends.
  5. To flag breaking news to UNAIDS Communications when appropriate, as an early warning mechanism through daily media monitoring,
  6. Archiving and maintenance of the “Today’s News” repository on UNAIDS internal file-share.

Bidders are requested to propose the best and most cost-effective solution to meet UNAIDS requirements, while ensuring a high level of service.

For all details of requirements please refer to the Request for Proposal document attached to this notice.

RFP Reference: RFP-2013-29

Closing Date: Fri, 15 November 2013

Award Information: Contract awarded to Ms. Sonsoles Hernandez Garcia for USD149,500 for a two year period


Emal for submissions of all Inquiries: Bids@unaids.org
Subject: RFP-2013-29


Cover Letter

Request for Proposal

Annex 1: Proposal Submission Form

Annex 2: Financial Proposal

Annex 3: Acknowledgement Form

Annex 4: Confidentiality Undertaking

Annex 5: Deliverable Sample

Annex 6: Special compilation AIDS Epidemic 2010

Annex 7: Special compilation AIDS Global Report 2010

Annex 8: Special Compilation World AIDS Day 2010