Meeting on care within the context of HIV/AIDS-related research in developing countries : summary of issues and conclusions, 26-28 May 1999, Geneva

In May 1999, UNAIDS convened a meeting on ‘Care within the context of HIV/AIDS-related research in developing countries’ as part of a series of consultations on the ethics of vaccine trials and biomedical research. The meeting’s objectives were to develop a framework of care for participants in HIV/AIDS-related research in developing countries, as well as to clarify the appropriate responsibilities of the research institutions, health-care professionals, sponsors, communities and governments in the context of research ethics. This report is a summary of the issues discussed at the meeting and the conclusions reached, which included the agreement that the participants’ health and well-being must be the primary concern during HIV-related research and that this concern should prevail over any other concerns, including the interest of science. Based on this summary and the subsequent developments, UNAIDS (in partnership with its collaborators) will consider the development of a guidance document regarding the provision of care in HIV/AIDS-related research.

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