Handbook on access to HIV/AIDS-related treatment : a collection of information, tools and resources for NGOs, CBOs and PLWHA groups

Drawing on the broad experience of UNAIDS, WHO and the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, the Handbook on access to HIV/AIDS-related treatment provides nongovernmental organizations, community-based organizations and groups of people living with HIV/AIDS with a practical resource for responding to issues of access to treatment for HIV/AIDS in developing countries. The handbook will: build practical skills among NGOs, CBOs and PLWHA groups by using participatory activities and sharing experiences; provide a training resource for NGO support programmes, training organizations and individuals; facilitate ongoing learning about the HIV/AIDS-related treatment work of NGOs, CBOs and PLWHA groups. The handbook is intended to assist groups in finding ways of understanding, planning and undertaking work on HIV/AIDS related treatment. It is suitable for use with people of varying levels of experience and offers flexibility to facilitators who need to gear their work towards specific schedules and situations.

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