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Does it work for women?

02 July 2007


In the run-up to the International Women's Summit on Women's Leadership on AIDS, the Global Coalition of Women and AIDS's (GCWA) leadership council convenes its third meeting in Nairobi on 3rd July 2007 to examine evidence of what is happening at country level for women and AIDS.

The GCWA leadership council is made up of AIDS activists with a wide range of personal experience and professional expertise from 25 countries around the world. Advocates for the need to develop and implement AIDS programmes specially tailored to respond to the needs and challenges faced by women all over the world, the leadership council memebers will exchange information and experience on strategies that are working for women and areas where increased action is needed. The meeting will also lay out a vision for the GCWA as it moves forward.

The UNAIDS-led Global Coalition on Women and AIDS was established in 2004 to respond to the increasing feminization of the AIDS epidemic and a growing concern that existing AIDS strategies did not adequately address women’s needs.


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