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As global economy slows International Health Partners push for faster health progress

12 February 2010

Executive Director of UNAIDS Michel Sidibé addressed the Ministerial Review Meeting of the IHP+ which took place in Geneva 4-5 February 2009.
Credit: World Health Organization

Meeting in Geneva last week, participants in the first Ministerial Review Meeting of the International Health Partnership and related initiatives (IHP+) adopted a document laying out bold and concrete commitments to push forward the objectives of the Partnership.

The official communiqué notes that the current severe global economic downturn will put pressure on the development budgets of donor countries and make it difficult for developing countries to sustain domestic funding for health.

“We agreed that this increases the importance of our objectives to secure more effective and predictable financing, as well as additional resources to achieve the health MDGs.”

"We reaffirmed our commitment to maintaining levels of development aid and domestic health budgets. We also commit to delivering predictable financing, and ensuring the effective use of all domestic and external resources. This is critical to achieving results and attracting additional resources."

I see the Partnership as an important instrument to help achieve universal access and to stand by those in need of HIV services

UNAIDS Executive director Michel Sidibé

Addressing the meeting, the executive director of UNAIDS Michel Sidibé pledged UNAIDS’ full support to the IHP+ process. “I see the Partnership as an important instrument to help achieve universal access and to stand by those in need of HIV services,” said Mr Sidibé.

The Review Meeting of the IHP+ took place 4-5 February 2009 to take stock of progress, review lessons, and examine ways to maintain commitment and momentum.

The IHP+ is a partnership which includes partner countries, United Nations agencies including UNAIDS, bilateral donors, civil society and private sector partners. Launched in September 2007, the partners aim to increase coordination in health and to strengthen health system in order to make progress on achieving the health-related Millennium Development Goals.

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