Feature story

UNAIDS Web Contest 2010

15 June 2010

Footballer, Red Card

Every 4 years, the world turns its eyes to the football World Cup, the biggest sporting tournament on the planet.  This year, the World Cup is being held in South Africa with many top teams and stars taking part. As in years past, UNAIDS will be hosting a web-competition, under the slogan “Give AIDS the Red Card” in order to celebrate the games.  With the help of UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassadors Michael Ballack and Emmanuel Adebayor, the “Give AIDS the Red Card” campaign leads us in the direction of preventing and ending mother-to-child transmission of HIV by the year 2015.

Contestants can win a variety of prizes, including signed memorabilia from players, if they can answer these 3 questions correctly:

Footballer, Red Card

1.HIV infection is widely stigmatized and people living with HIV often face discrimination. What is an effective way of tackling stigma and discrimination?

2.What is the purpose of UNAIDS’ new campaign featuring Ballack and Adebayor “Giving AIDS the Red Card”?

3.As of 2008, how many people were living with HIV in Sub Saharan Africa?

Send your answer to competition@unaids.org by July 11th 2010 

Good Luck!