The First Lady of Ghana to lead country's drive to stop new HIV infections in children

18 April 2013

The First Lady of Ghana, Lordina Mahama, has agreed to become UNAIDS premiere ambassador for the implementation of the Global Plan towards the elimination of new HIV infections among children by 2015 and keeping their mothers alive.

First Lady Mahama has committed to lead Ghana's push towards reaching an AIDS-free generation. In her new role, she will encourage political dialogue in the country ensuring that AIDS remains high on the political agenda. She will work towards empowering women and girls, challenging stigma, and helping national and community leaders understand that the AIDS response cannot be separated from the work to improve the health of mothers and children.


I commit to ensuring that no child is born HIV positive, no child dies from the disease and no child is orphaned because of HIV. I would like to continue expressing the need to encourage men to take the prevention of HIV seriously and support women so that together we can stop new HIV infections.

First Lady of the Republic of Ghana, Mrs Lordina Mahama

Such high level political commitment would provide strategic contribution in the achievement of the Global Plan to virtually eliminate vertical transmission of HIV between now and 2015, both in Ghana and the African Continent.

UNAIDS Country Coordinator, Girmay Haile