The Thank You Small Library initiative provides a space for HIV prevention education

16 January 2013

Ambassador Dho Young-shim, Chairperson, UNWTO ST-EP Foundation and MDG Advocacy Group Member met with UNAIDS Deputy Executive Directors Jan Beagle and Luiz Loures to discuss ways in which the Thank You Small Library programme can be further used as a space for HIV prevention education.

The Thank You Small Library (TYSL) initiative consists of establishing small libraries in communities as an essential basis for development. The TYSL are created in existing structures such as schools, community centers, etc. With help from different partners and sponsors involved, each library is provided with books, furniture and, depending on the location, other items such as computers, notebooks, pencils, educational posters.

On November 2011, the first UNAIDS corner was opened in the TYSL of the Dr Frans Aupa Indongo Primary School in Namibia. Since then, UNAIDS has been donating books, posters and other educational materials to selected small libraries.