Understanding and acting on critical enablers and development synergies for strategic investments

The AIDS response needs a people-centred investment approach so that returns are maximized. For the response, the returns are clear - zero new infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS-related deaths. AIDS-related investments must be smart and produce results for people; results that matter –lives saved, keeping people from acquiring HIV infection, keeping people alive and keeping people and families healthy and productive. The Investment Framework is based on a compilation and analysis of evidence of interventions proven to reduce HIV risk, transmission, morbidity and mortality and models the investments required globally between 2011 and 2020 to reverse the HIV epidemic. The Framework describes key elements of HIV responses in three categories – “basic programme activities”, “critical enablers” and “synergies with development sectors” – to help countries and implementation partners focus and prioritize their efforts to achieve targets of the 2011 United Nations Political Declaration on HIV and AIDS. Strategic investments posit a human rights–based approach in which all the activities and programmes are delivered in a manner that is “universal, equitable and ensures inclusion, participation and informed consent and accountability”.

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