Заявления по случаю Всемирного дня борьбы со СПИДом — 2012

01 декабря 2012 года.

Послание генерального секретаря Организации Объединенных Наций по случаю Всемирного дня борьбы со СПИДом — 2012

Та из Целей развития тысячелетия, которая касается ВИЧ/СПИДа, ясна: к 2015 году необходимо остановить эту эпидемию и начать ее обращение вспять. Благодаря настойчивым усилиям правительств и гражданского общества успех не за горами. Из опубликованного ЮНЭЙДС доклада «Всемирный день борьбы со СПИДом» за 2012 год явствует, что в последнее двухлетие достигнут значительный прогресс в деле профилактики и лечения ВИЧ/СПИДа.  Подробнее

President of the 67th session of the UN General Assembly

I am greatly encouraged by the impressive results demonstrated by AIDS response. According to the most recent report by UNAIDS, the pace of progress accelerated significantly, with more people than ever accessing life-saving antiretroviral treatment, fewer new HIV infections and AIDS-related deaths, and narrowing AIDS funding gap. More

Послание исполнительного директора ЮНЭЙДС по случаю Всемирного дня борьбы со СПИДом — 2012

Миллионам людей, которые собрались вместе в этот Всемирный день борьбы со СПИДом, полные сочувствия и решимости, мы говорим: «Ваша кровь, пот и слезы меняют мир к лучшему». Мы перешли от отчаяния к надежде. Гораздо меньше людей сегодня умирают от СПИДа.
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Chairperson of the African Union

The progress we are seeing today in the fight against AIDS is clearly showing that our vision for an HIV-free generation in Africa is possible. UNAIDS data shows that the number of new HIV infections has fallen globally by more than 20 per cent since 2001. New HIV infections are continuing to decline in most parts of the world. In our continent, HIV incidence has decreased in most countries. As more people are getting antiretroviral therapy, AIDS-related deaths have declined at a fast pace. We must recognize this achievement. More

World AIDS Day message from the African Union Commission

Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, Chairperson of the African Union Commission delivers a message marking World AIDS Day 2012.
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European Commission

The EU is, and will remain, a major donor to the Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Almost 4 million people received life-saving antiretroviral treatment in developing countries thanks to the Global Fund's work. In addition the EU has supported social organizations at country level to help run their HIV control activities - starting from strengthening pharmaceutical systems to supporting networks to provide testing, counselling and care services. But with another 7 million people who do not have access to antiretroviral treatment, major challenges lie ahead of us. More

Première Dame d'Haïti

Depuis 30 ans que le SIDA existe, il a changé à tout jamais les relations humaines. Le 1er décembre ne sera jamais pour nous une date comme les autres. Elle nous rappelle l’impact de la maladie dans nos familles et dans nos communautés. Elle est aussi devenue la journée de l’espoir, la journée de l’engagement, la journée de la solidarité humaine. En savoir plus

Executive Director of the UN World Food Programme (UNWFP)

This World AIDS Day (1 December) we are observing unprecedented results in the prevention and treatment of HIV. Access to adequate and nutritious food for a person living with HIV to respond well to antiretroviral treatment (ART) is essential. As one of the eleven co-sponsors of UNAIDS, the UN World Food Programme (WFP) has played a major role in providing food and nutrition support to affected populations, lending to the welcome slow-down in the HIV epidemic that has claimed far too many lives over the past few years. More

Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme

With the 2015 target date for reaching the Millennium Development Goals in sight, and with a new global development agenda under discussion, we must sustain the effort that has already accomplished so much for so many. Accelerating action to reduce inequality, promote human rights, and apply lessons learned to health and development more broadly remains vital. More

Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

There is much to celebrate this World AIDS Day with a 50 per cent decline in new HIV infections in 25 low- and middle-income countries since 2001, AIDS-related deaths declining globally and an acceleration over the last two years in the number of people accessing treatment. More

United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime Executive Director's Message

UNODC stands ready to assist by providing countries with technical assistance, and the means to create a favourable political and legal environment for evidence-based prevention and treatment options. I appeal to countries and their leaders not to neglect their key populations such as female sex workers, men who have sex with men, prisoners and injecting drug users. If we fail, we will not be able to end HIV and AIDS. More

Message from the Director-General of the ILO on the occasion of World AIDS Day

Today the ILO reaffirms its commitment to using the workplace as a gateway to “Getting to zero new HIV infections, Zero discrimination and Zero AIDS-related deaths” in close collaboration with its constituencies: governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations, UNAIDS,civil society, including organizations of people living with HIV, and all development partners. The central role of our social partners facilitated by the use of social dialogue should allow the workplace policies and programmes to contribute significantly towards Getting to zero. More

Послание генерального директора ЮНЕСКО по случаю Всемирного дня борьбы со СПИДом

В этот Всемирный день борьбы со СПИДом нас может воодушевлять мысль о том, что наши усилия приносят свои плоды. Нам следует опираться на наши достижения с тем, чтобы обуздать это заболевание путем наращивания про-грамм в области ВИЧ и максимально эффективного использования новых мощных средств по предотвращению инфицирования и смертей по связанным со СПИДом причинам. Подробнее

UN Secretary General Special Envoy for HIV in the Caribbean

Today I join the global community in recognizing the millions of persons living with HIV and those affected by this disease. The world rejoices at the tantalizing prospects of an AIDS Free Generation that was unimaginable a generation ago. At the same time, the recently released UNAIDS 2012 Report portrays relatively optimistic trends for the Caribbean. More

Pope Benedict XVI

HIV/AIDS particularly affects the poorest regions of the world, where there is very limited access to effective medicines. My thoughts turn in particular to the large number of children who contract the virus from their mothers each year, despite the treatments which exist to prevent its transmission. I encourage the many initiatives that, within the scope of the ecclesial mission, have been taken in order to eradicate this scourge.

Archbishop of Canterbury

In reacting to the condition, the sufferings, and the hopes and aspirations of those who live with HIV, we need to remember that we are working together. Not just for a solution to a medical problem, but for something that addresses all kinds of cultural stereotypes, cultural prejudices, cultural imprisonment sometimes. What we do in response to the challenge is a matter of education; not just of medical care; a matter also, of equipping people to speak honestly with each other, about these issues. If there is one thing which, as I come towards the end of my time as Archbishop of Canterbury, I long to see growing and developing, it's that sense of the integration, education, gender respect, medical access, as part of a holistic, personal approach to this question. View video

Myung-Bo Hong, UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador

Today on World AIDS Day, I want to take a moment to share my thoughts on HIV and AIDS. Having just returned from a fact-finding mission to Thailand, I saw with my own eyes how HIV and AIDS negatively affect people and communities… This is not right and we should work together to change that….We must fight stigma and discrimination and we must each and every one show solidarity and leadership. I am convinced that Nations in Asia and the Pacific have the capacity to lead the world to zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS-related deaths.

Michael Ballack, UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador

Discipline and endurance pays off - in sport and in life - and I would like to pay my tribute to all those out there who day after day make a difference in the lives of people living with HIV. More

Annie Lennox, UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador

On the occasion of World AID Day 2012 , UNAIDS International Goodwill Ambassador Annie Lennox has issued her annual SING AIDS advocacy film, which showcases her work as an AIDS activist around the globe. In the film Annie describes how far we have come in the response to AIDS, but pledges for continued support to stop the pandemic. More

James Chau – UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador, China

We can talk about the science, we can talk about the political leadership and we can talk about investment frameworks. Each of these are critical in fighting AIDS. But, now more than ever, we need to focus on people-----and not just the 34 million people living with HIV, but the seven billion living next door to us. With love, compassion and kindness, we can take that first step to creating an AIDS-free generation for everyone. Together.